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Miliind Harrdas The 10x Mind Expert

Hi, I am Miliind Harrdas

I help my corporate clients build big brands by using Strategic Creativity.

I see countless working professionals daily going for the job they hate and struggling to climb up a career ladder that doesn’t bring fulfilment. Every promotion or higher responsibility multiplies their work pressure and stress. They feel stuck.

Does this resonate with you?

If yes, then you need creativity.

Creativity can help you work out a 'Strategic Creative Framework' to identify the right career niche, rewire your brain, get unstuck, create career opportunities through personal branding and fast-track your career growth doing what you love.

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Ideas on Demand

Career Fulfillment

To help a hundred thousand corporate professionals to achieve their biggest career aspirations while doing what they love

The 10x Mind

Strategic Creativity

I am a creativity expert. 

During my 25 years long corporate career, I started from the bottom and reached the top leadership roles by steadily climbing the career ladder. 

In the last 14 years, besides creativity, I have used my strategy and marketing expertise to help my clients build big brands. 

I use the same expertise in helping working professionals build their career brands.

I assimilated and applied every bit of my experience and expertise and designed a 'Strategic Creative Framework' to help working professionals build their career brands.

Supercharged Career Hub

I have founded this community to help working professionals identify the right career niche, rewire their brains, learn personal branding and fast-track their career growth by doing what they love.

Dream Big

Set big audacious goals aligned with your career niche. 

Dream Big
Stand out; Differentiate

Stand out

Rewire your brain with creativity. Connect the dots to design a strategic career blueprint. Differentiate yourself with career branding. 

Ramp up

Effortlessly move out of your comfort zone with the right skill set and 10x Mindset to accelerate your career growth.

Ramp up; Accelerate career growth

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